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"There for you when no-one else can be,
there for them when you can't be"

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AidCall Outdoor 24 Hour 

Aidcall Pendant Features
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Step 1

One press of the button and the AidCall Outdoor will automatically connect you to our 24 Hour emergency response centre

Aidcall Outdoor Pendant

Step 2

The AidCall operative can track your location and talk directly to you through your AidCall Outdoor Pendant.

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Step 3

AidCall will alert family or friends of your location and situation. In the case of a medical emergency, we will dispatch an ambulance

Aidcall  Assist
Aidcall 24/7 Response


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There for you when no-one else can be.  There for them when you can’t be

There for you when no-one else can be.

There for them when you can’t be.

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