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"There for you when no-one else can be,
there for them when you can't be"

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Will there always be someone to respond to my emergency?

We have a trained and dedicated 24 hour, 365 days a year response call centre that is ready to assist you in an emergency.

Who will you contact in an emergency?

We will have your provided list of chosen family members, friends and neighbours which we will be able to contact.

What happens if the power is out?

The Carephone unit comes with a rechargeable back-up battery, a long life battery in the transmitter and our office has a powerful back-up generator in case our call centre experiences a power outage.

Is there an additional cost for the Ambulance Service?

Should there be an emergency and an Ambulance is required, it will be sent out at no cost to you and if needed, transport you to a medical institute.

Aidcall 24/7 Response


There for you when no-one else can be.  There for them when you can’t be

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