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"There for you when no-one else can be,
there for them when you can't be"

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How it works

Aidcall 24/7 Response
Features and benefits
Daily Check-in
Passive Monitoring


In an emergency a simple push of the button either on the Carephone or on the waterproof transmitter will alert our Emergency Response Call Centre.

Aidcall 24/7 Carephone unit


A trained call centre operator will be able to communicate with the client through a powerful speaker and sensitive microphone.

Call Centre Agent


After identifying the emergency the operator will make contact with a family member or friend to alert them of the situation. If required, an ambulance will be dispatched to your home free of charge.

Mother and daughter

There for you when no-one else can be.  There for them when you can’t be

There for you when no-one else can be.

There for them when you can’t be.

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