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With a 100% waterproof home-based emergency pendant or our Emergency Mobile Button connected to our Response Centre, we are just a button-press away when help is needed, and are able to facilitate responses to a number of emergencies.

Emergencies don’t follow a schedule. When they happen, you can’t always walk to a phone, dial a number, wait for a response, or hope for help. AidCall 24/7 offers a safer option for those living independently and alone, providing 24-hour emergency support and the ability to alert a loved one or friend about your situation.

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In an emergency, simply press the SOS button

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Our response centre speaks directly to you

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Loved ones are notified & Medical response dispatched

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Rating: 4.95

What Our Customers Are Saying


When our mother passed your Call Centre’s voice was like an angels, calming, reassuring and giving guidance. We are truly indebted to you.

Colleen Hayman

I signed up for the Aidcall service in 2017. My Mother-in-Law was 82 years old and living alone in her flat. On more than one occasion she had fallen and was unable to get up, without assistance. I contacted an AidCall agent, Hayden Vincent, who answered all my questions and within a day or two the unit was set up in her flat. I was grateful to know that Phyllie was safe in the knowledge that she always had a direct link to assistance even if she was lying on the floor in her flat. All it took was the press of a button on her AidCall wrist band. Aidcall had all her medical information on record and the name of four responders based on their proximity to her. If they were unable to contact any responder, they would dispatch an ambulance to her location. This service was used at least 10 occasions over the past seven years. Whether Phyllie was at home in her flat, or visiting family in Cape Town, one call to AidCall and an ambulance was dispatched to her location, and she was transported to the nearest hospital for treatment. I owe a debt of gratitude to this most efficient organisation, AidCall 24/7. I will continue to market your valuable service to all I can. Phyllie and I are greatly indebted to you.

Pam Nunns

My mom used Aidcall for a number of years and it gave us absolute peace of mind for her well-being and safety when she was on her own. It saved her life on 3 occasions when she had strokes and the call centre are kind and efficient, asking questions and keeping us updated on the whereabouts of the ambulance on the way to our home as we live out of town. After she passed I took her Aidcall over. They regularly do device checks, collected the bracelet to replace batteries and sometimes just call to check all is okay. Aidcall can pick up a signal all over my house and large garden and to me this is better than an alarm system, emergency cell number or anything else presently on offer, as it is on my person and I simply press the button. For a child at home after school, the elderly or anyone living alone, this is basically essential as they are there for any emergency – a fall, a stranger at the door, fire, medical, etc. I cannot recommend Aidcall 24/7 highly enough and am deeply grateful to them!

Sharon Hammond

I haven’t had occasion to call for an emergency (thank goodness) but I have really appreciated how they have been in touch with me on a regular basis to check that the system is working. the ladies have also told me that if I just feel the need to talk to someone I can press my bracelet as well. That is very heart-warming.

Sally Gallager

AidCall 24/7 is an absolutely amazing device. I am 82 years old still working and still driving, etc. I am so much more secure in myself having this device on me 24/7 as, if anything should happen, I only have to press the SOS button and their CT Office comes through speaking to me on the device quickly and can deal with whatever is needed. If they get no response when they speak to me, they then contact my 3 contact names. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that everyone who lives on their own or who has any form of health issue, should look at getting themselves one of these devices. The Staff are all amazing, most helpful and always seem to sort out issues. I shall NOT be without it until I pass on.

Norma Jones

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you from the bottom of my heart for such an excellent service which gave me peace of mind taking into account that my folks still lived in their own house in Pretoria whilst I live in Port Elizabeth and was unable to provide them with the care which they would have enjoyed if I had lived closer to them. AidCall was friendly and patient and KIND beyond words even when my mom phoned merely to chat cos she was lonely. Your staff are simply amazing and I would give them all a Nobel Prize if that were possible. I cannot express how grateful I was for your service/assistance and I am a walking advertisement for your company. There are no words to describe how wonderful is your service and may you go from strength to strength.

Wesley Mackenzie

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service you have provided me during the time I have been using your services.  The peace of mind and security you offer have been immensely helpful, and I am thankful for the support you have given me.

Leslie Proctor

I wish to thank you most sincerely for the efficient way in which this upgrade was carried out and more importantly for the kind and cheerful way in which your call people kept in touch with me while I was without my carephone. Please convey to Nadine and all the other excellent people at the call centre my grateful thanks – it was good to know that a ninety-four year old was in such good hands.

Joan Baker

I would like to mention that I have been highly satisfied with your services.
EVERYONE has always been so helpful, courteous and polite to me. It has been a privilege and pleasure to deal with you all. Thank you so much to you all. Take good care of yourselves.

Hanusia Annandale

Our experience of the time that we spent with AidCall has been very positive. The call centre has been active in getting in touch to monitor both us and the equipment and we have much appreciated that your availability was always assured. Your staff were always both friendly and efficient.

Susan Saayman

My mother sometimes (perhaps once a year), usually when she is overstressed, gets Vertigo, where she feels dizzy, nauseous, and unable to lift her head. She just needs to lie down and stay calm.
The best thing you at Aidcall can do is to contact my brother or myself, as you have done this afternoon. If my brother is not able to get to her immediately, we’ll ask a friend living very close to her to go and help her. Thank you for your kind service this afternoon.

Birgit Hoffmann

I can only say your service was absolutely perfect. Thank you very much to all your staff. I have a had to hav a total hip replacement. I could not put weight on the leg for the next 6 weeks and then after 2 weeks I can slowly start with training. Again thank you for everything. I have mentioned to all my friends how great AidCall is.

Tyrone Pellew

My dad always spoke highly of the service that he had received from Aid Call. I do recall on one occasion when he had fell and the wrist device was activated there was an immediate response. My dad and I had a peace of mind that he was in great hands.
I thank you for your service and support up to now.

Marietjie Breet

Ek het al ‘n paar keer gebruik gemaak van jul dienste toe my man siek was en tot en met sy heengaan. Ek het ‘n paar keer die “rooiknop” moes druk vir julle hulp of die “horlosie” se knoppie.
Jul diens is uitstekend en die personeel wat die fone beantwoord is baie vriendelik en hulpvaardig.
Ek is ook baie beindruk deur die dienste van ER-24 se ambulanspersoneel.
Ek sal enige persoon aanraai om van hierdie diens gebruik te maak.
Hou aan met jul goeie diens AidCall.

Nigel Herbert

During the time that I needed your services I had excellent service. I think the paramedics came on three occasions and we received all the help that we needed. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who has a loved one who is incapacitated.

Rosien Keyser

I have no complaints regarding Aid Call. The service we got was excellent. The staff regarding telephonic conversations was always pleasant and helpful.
Thank you!

Gillian Innes

I just want to thank you for going the extra mile to help sort my dad’s aidcall system.
You went out of your way to sort and it means a lot to my elderly father and myself.
Keep up the good work!!

Mrs Frank

So impressed by the swapped MySOS button, fell accidently, dialled through and Austin phoned back immediately.

Myrna Lourens

Thank you for your quick response… I love AidCall 24/7. They did a great job. Every body was always friendly and helpful. I recommend Aidcall 24/7 where ever I go. Thanks for being in my mums life.

Trix Buckle

I must really thank AidCall for being our watchful eye over my mother since my father passed away. Your “presence” gave her so much peace of mind. Thank you for the excellent service and the agents always being so professional.

Lorraine Bell

I thank you all for your outstanding service, and have recommended you to many of my elderly friends living on their own. Thanks once again for all your caring staff.

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