My mom used Aidcall for a number of years and it gave us absolute peace of mind for her well-being and safety when she was on her own. It saved her life on 3 occasions when she had strokes and the call centre are kind and efficient, asking questions and keeping us updated on the whereabouts of the ambulance on the way to our home as we live out of town. After she passed I took her Aidcall over. They regularly do device checks, collected the bracelet to replace batteries and sometimes just call to check all is okay. Aidcall can pick up a signal all over my house and large garden and to me this is better than an alarm system, emergency cell number or anything else presently on offer, as it is on my person and I simply press the button. For a child at home after school, the elderly or anyone living alone, this is basically essential as they are there for any emergency – a fall, a stranger at the door, fire, medical, etc. I cannot recommend Aidcall 24/7 highly enough and am deeply grateful to them!